ValetPro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Review

In this review, we look at the ValetPro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner, an economical alloy wheel cleaner which lends itself well to regular maintenance washes.This acid-free wheel cleaner provides a gentle, yet effective clean on any alloy wheel without the need for much agitation. Bilberry Wheel Cleaner offers multiple dilution rations for different levels of dirt – making it both versatile and economical compared to a lot of ‘pre-mixed’ wheel cleaners.


  • Great cleaning ability for fortnightly grime build up
  • Can be diluted to match the level of contamination on the wheel
  • Significantly more economical than a “pre-mixed” wheel cleaner
  • Pleasant, non-offensive aroma
  • Very effective tyre cleaning


  • An active iron remover will be needed for embedded/fused brake dust

In-depth Review

Cleaning Ability

ValetPro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is a very capable and versatile wheel cleaner. For the most part we tested this wheel cleaner at a 1:10 dilution ratio, as this is the ratio which offers the most value for you. At this ratio, the cleaning ability was above par, dissolving most brake dust when simply left to dwell for a few minutes without agitation.

At this ratio, the mix is very thin which means it does not cling to the wheel like a gel wheel cleaner. However, if you ensure the wheel is completely covered with the wheel cleaner, this shouldn’t be an issue.

After leaving the wheel cleaner to dwell on the wheel for a few minutes, the results were very impressive. This wheel cleaner removes the majority of grime and brake dust with very little complaint.

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner doesn’t contain any active iron removers which means it struggles with hardened or embedded brake dust. It’s worth using an iron remover every few weeks alongside the Bilberry Wheel Cleaner to tackle this.

The ValetPro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is also good to use for cleaning the tyres. This makes it a great all-in-one wheel cleaner, or a lazy option if you can’t be bothered to grab the all-purpose cleaner. Simply spray the wheel cleaner onto the tyre before scrubbing with a stuff bristled brush – repeat until the wheels stop produced brown gunk.

Looks & Feel

Many wheel cleaning products are associated with being the worst smelling products in detailing due to the chemicals used. However, Bilberry Wheel Cleaner offers a very pleasant smell of berries making the wheel cleaning experience pleasant rather than reminding you of that time you had to pick up your dogs poop on your last dog walk.

In its concentrated form, ValetPro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is a deep red liquid with a consistency slightly thicker than water. The packaging remains consistent with the rest of the ValetPRO detailing range – offering a reasonable amount of information about the product.


ValetPro recommended using the product at a 1:10 dilution ratio for lightly soiled wheels. We tested this product on a car that had received a full detail a few months ago, and for fortnightly regular washes, the 1:10 dilution ratio was perfect.

For heavily soiled wheels ValetPro recommend using the product neat to give it that extra bite, however we’d recommend trying a 1:5 or 1:1 dilution ratio first to avoid using unnecessary amounts of product. The beauty of this product is its value gained through dilution, and that value is lost when you start using it neat.

TIP: Inspect your wheels before using Bilberry Wheel Cleaner to get a good idea of which dilution ratio to use. A good detailer will always start with the least aggressive method first (a 1:10 dilution ratio) and get more aggressive as needed.

Value for Money

A conventional wheel cleaner will be ready to use and won’t require any dilution. Whilst this is very convenient and hassle free it isn’t the most economical choice if you wash cars frequently. ValetPro’s Bilberry Wheel Cleaner performs extremely well, even when diluted at a ratio of 1:10 – making it so much more economical that an off-the-shelf wheel cleaner.