Best Car Wash Mitt 2020 (Review & Buyer’s Guide)

Last Updated 30th September 2020

Best Car Wash Mitt 2020: Just like other car cleaning tools, wash mitts come in many different forms. Whilst different wash mitts all aim to assist in cleaning your car, there are pros and cons depending on which type you opt for.

In this article, we take a deep dive into which wash mitts are the best for your car cleaning needs. Further on in the article, we’ll also teach you how to get the most out of your wash mitts.

What Makes a Good Wash Mitt?

1. Lift & Release Dirt Safely

In my opinion, a wash mitts ability to lift dirt away from the paintwork safely is the most crucial aspect of a wash mitt. If a wash mitt is unable to move dirt particles away from the paint’s surface, you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to swirled and scratched paint. Equally, it’s important that a wash mitt doesn’t hold onto dirt, or it will simply collect more and more dirt through a wash.

2. Enhances Lather

This is not something which is immediately obvious unless you’ve used different wash mitts side by side. Through my experience of using various types of wash mitts over the years, it’s clear that some types of wash mitts tend to carry the lather better than others. We discuss this in more detail later on in the article. Granted, the main determining factor of lather and suds is always the shampoo. But a wash mitt which carries the suds well will enhance your car cleaning experience.

3. Robust & Good Value

As with any car cleaning product, you want it to offer good value, and wash mitts are no exception. Whether you’re giving your car a quick clean or doing a full detail, you’ll be using your wash mitt. This makes you wash mitt the most used piece of equipment in the car cleaning process – meaning that it needs to be robust! 

1. Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt

An all-round great performing soft & plush microfibre wash mitt.

Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Car Wash Mitt


  • Foam core absorbs and holds suds well
  • Long, soft fibres offer a safe wash
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to maintain
  • It looks awesome!


  • None that we could find

Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt is a wash mitt with paint safety and ease of use in mind – it’s also very easy to maintain.

Mitts with a shorter pile tend to kill the suds, but the long fibres of the Gtechniq’s WM2 Wash Mitt help to ensure this doesn’t happen. The mitt holds and carries suds very well thanks to the thick spongy wash pad beneath the microfibre.

This wash mitt features long, soft microfibre fibres which do a great job at releasing dirt after a pass on the car. This is a very dense wash mitt which offers a safe wash, reducing the risk of wash induced scratches and swirls.

Gtechniq haven’t gone over the top with the sizing of the WM2 was mitt which means it’s super easy to use without sacrificing all-important surface area. They’ve also taken the time to add an internal fabric handle to the mitt to give you maximum grip when working in tighter spaces or at the side of the car.

Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt is fairly low maintenance with clear care instructions, helping you to keep those long microfibres in good shape.

Build quality is exactly what you’d expect from Gtechniq, and on top of the washing performance of this mitt, it looks great. We love the blend of red and white fibres which give a high-quality finish and will contrast with most paint colours.

  • Type: Long Pile Microfibre
  • Price: £12.25

View on Amazon: Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Car Wash Mitt 

2. Car Gods 54 Hygieia Noodle Wash Mitt

Great value noodle wash mitt which has good durability and ensure paint safety.

Car Gods 54 Hygieia Microfibre Wash Mitt


  • 2-in-1 noodle and low-pile microfibre
  • Superb value for money
  • Machine washable
  • Great durability
  • Impressive suds absorption
  • Dirt is released well when rinsing


  • Thick noodles reduce the feel of the bodywork

Car Gods 54 have named the Hygieia wash mitt after the Greek goddess of cleanliness, which is definitely in keeping with their godly theme.

This sleek-looking wash mitt features a noodle microfibre composition which not only makes very effective and safe on paintwork but also great value for money.

What we love about the Hygieia Wash Mitt is that it offers 2-in-1 noodle and microfibre composition. This gives you great versatility for your money as you have the noodle for the majority of the cleaning, but also a low pile microfibre too. The low pile side is ideal for when you want extra precision, and is especially useful on glass surfaces.

As previously discussed, the noodles increase the surface area of the wash mitt massively thus increasing the level of absorption. Furthermore, the noodle structure is a safer option in terms of reducing the risk of scratches and swirls. Each noodle releases dirt well after making a pass on the car, reading cross-contamination throughout the wash stage.

Noodle wash mitts tend to be cheaper than other wash mitts and the Hygieia wash mitts is no exception. It’s a fantastic middle ground between value and quality. We thought that the Car Gods 54 Hygieia Mitt offered very good quality for a relatively cheap price.

We could not find any explicit instructions on the packaging or website as to whether these are machine washable. However, the label on the inside of the mitt states it is machine washable at 40º without fabric softeners – so pretty standard stuff for a machine washable microfibre.

  • Type: Noodle Microfibre
  • Price: £7.99

View on Amazon: Car Gods 54 Hygieia Microfibre Wash Mitt 

3. G3 Pro Lambs Wool Wash Mitt

A 100% merino wool wash mitt which offers a gentle, yet effective clean.

G3 Pro Lambs Wool Wash Mitt


  • Safe & gentle cleaning ability
  • 100% merino wool
  • Good value for meaning (for a lambswool mitt)
  • Stunning bright white colour


  • Requires more care and maintenance than microfibre

G3 Pro Lambs Wool Wash Mitt is 100% Merino Wool. Merino Wool is an incredibly soft form of lambswool – hence why it provides an extremely gentle wash on paintwork.

The long lambswool fibres are light on the paintwork and offer a gentle yet effective clean. They assist in lifting dirt safely away from the paintwork to avoid swirling or scratching. Lambswool wash mitts are good at releasing dirt after a pass on the vehicle. However, it’s worth mentioning that they tend not to release dirt as well as microfibre, and can tangle with, and hold onto, larger chunks of dirt.

Usually, lambswool wash mitts come in a natural brown colour. This isn’t the most exciting colour and it can actually make spotting contamination tricky due to lack of contrast. What we love about the G3 Pro Lambswool Mity is that the bright white colouring makes it very easy to inspect the wash mitt for any remaining dirt which you’d want to clear before engaging with the paintwork.

As we discussed at the beginning of the article, you’re never going to get the same level of durability in a lambswool wash mitt than a microfibre wash mitt. Like any other lambswool mitt, the G3 Pro Wash Mitt requires a reasonable amount of care and maintenance to increase its lifetime. This means it’s not machine washable and should be washed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually by hand in warm water.

The G3 Pro Wash Mitt is great at carrying the suds on the car as the fine lambswool fibres help to aerate the suds.

Lambswool products can be more expensive than microfibre products but in this case, the G3 Pro Wash Mitt provides great value for money. We’d recommend this wash mitt to anybody looking for a gentle wash experience and luxury feel.

  • Type: Natural Lambswool
  • Price: £9.50

View on Amazon: G3 Pro Lambs Wool Wash Mitt 

Best Car Wash Mitt Buyer’s Guide

Types of Wash Mitt

1. Microfibre

Microfibre wash mitts are much less fragile than lambswool. This makes them much more durable and robust. Most microfiber wash mitts are machine washable, making them a low maintenance choice for many detailers.

Most microfibre wash mitts have a sponge core, surrounded by soft fibres. This helps them to absorb suds to ensure you’ve got a steady source of soap when contact washing the car.

Fibres vary from short pile to long pile. Short pile microfibre provides great durability and is the lowest maintenance wash mitt. Long pile microfibres are more effective at lifting dirt particles away from the paint, reducing the risk of swirling or scratching the paint – they do require more care than a short pile.

2. Microfibre Noodle


Another form of microfibre wash mitt is the noodle wash mitt. I don’t think I need to explain why it’s called a noodle wash mitt, because this is quite obvious.

Noodle wash mitts offer great value for money, as they tend to be available for much cheaper than microfibre or lambswool wash mitts.

Each noodle on the wash mitt is surrounded by a soft microfibre layer which increases the surface area of the mitt. This increases absorption and makes the noodle one of the most effective wash mitts for safely removing dirt from your car.

Whilst noodle wash mitts tend not to be as durable as a standard microfibre wash mitt – they are significantly more robust and hard-wearing than a lambswool mitt.

3. Lambswool

Lambswool wash mitts are a natural product which boast extremely soft fibres. They’re usually recommended for those who want a gentle and safe clean.

Lambswool fibres do an excellent job of lifting dirt particles away from the paint to avoid them being dragged across the paintwork. This helps to reduce wash inflicted swirls and scratches.

Personally, I find that lambswool wash mitts carry suds better than microfibres. Where some microfibre wash mitts can kills the suds a little, lambswool wash mitts tend to aerate the suds whilst washing down a panel.

Lambswool is a natural product which means they absolutely have to be treated with care. This usually means that the washing machine is off limits and a gentle hand wash is the method of choice. It goes without saying that lambswool wash mitts definitely require more attention than a microfibre wash mitt.

If you care for your lambswool wash mitt then it may last you more than 12 months, but don’t be surprised if you see chunked of wool snagged on your car after a wash. This isn’t common but it’s important to remember that this is a natural product.

4. Synthetic Lambswool

Quite simply, synthetic lambswool has many of the benefits of natural lambswool, but with higher durability and robustness.

As synthetic lambswool is manmade, they tend not to be as soft or luxurious as a natural lambswool. If you’re after the ultimate in wash mitt luxury, then a natural lambswool is recommended.

On the plus side, because this is a synthetic product rather than natural, synthetic lambswool wash mitts are usually cheaper than their natural sibling.

Wash Mitt vs. Wash Pad

The difference between a wash mitt and a wash pad is that you place you hand on the outside of a pad, but on the inside of a wash mitt.

Personally, I think that you have a lot more control with a wash mitt as you hand is inside. This reduces your risk of dropping a wash mitt massively compared to using a wash pad.

A wash mitt is much easier to use at the side of the car than a pad, in my opinion.

With a wash pad, you subconsciously press harder against the paintwork to avoid dropping the pad. This heavy-handedness could lead to unnecessary pressure on the paintwork, increase the risk of scratches or swirls.

Some would argue that a wash pad gives you more flexibility and freedom. But let’s not forget that you’re not confined to use a wash mitt as a mitt, it can be used as a pad too.

Avoid Sponges

Before the days of microfibre, sponges were a universal tool of choice for many professional car detailers. However, in my opinion, sponges are a thing of the past when it comes to car cleaning.

Sponges simply can’t keep up with the wonders of microfibre and lambswool.

So, why are sponges a no-go for most car cleaning activities? As we all know, sponges are absolutely great at absorbing things, dirty water included. However, they’re not so good at releasing contamination during a wash. This means that during a wash, you’re not clearing enough contamination from the sponge, so you’re increasing the risk of inflicting damage to the paintwork.

If you think of how plush most microfibre and lambswool wash mitts are compared to a sponge, then you can see why there might be issues with a sponges effectiveness at lifting dirt away from the paint.