Autobrite Direct Ceramic Shield Review

Last Updated 11th April 2020

Autobrite Direct Ceramic Shield is a brand new product range of Si02 ceramic infused products. The range consists of four new products designed to be used together in order to maximise protection and finish.

In this review, I take a deep-dive into the new range after getting hands-on with the products myself.

The products in this review were supplied free of charge by the manufacturer in exchange for an honest review.

First Impressions

The Ceramic Shield branding emits a high-quality, premium feel, just like the other products in the Autobrite range. The products feature the trademark Autobrite logo, surrounded by a chrome ‘Ceramic Shield’ label. With these products, Autobrite has introduced bright colours to the Ceramic Shield range which gives it refreshed look!

Each bottle label has a number indicating which stage of the detailing process the product should be used at. On the reverse of the bottle, there’s a small image outlining Autobrite Directs take on the ‘6 steps to detailing’. This is really helpful for beginners who want to take the next step in car detailing! It’s one thing knowing how to use a product but it’s just as important to understand what stage it needs to be used and what needs to be done before/after.

Ceramic Magiseal Review

Magiseal is the star of the show when it comes to the Ceramic Shield range. It’s a snow foam lance applied ceramic infused sealant – offering Si02 protection with minimal effort.

Using Magiseal

This is the first snow-foam lance applied sealant I’ve used that applies as a snow foam, rather than a thin milk-like consistency. Even though the product isn’t on the paint for long, the foam gives the product the stability it needs to bond to the paintwork.

The foam makes it easy to see where you’ve covered. Thus ensuring that all areas of the paint have received some Magiseal treatment!

The recommended dilution ratio for the product is 100ml Magiseal – 400ml water (500ml total), and Autobrite say that it will cover a small car. I’ve used this amount on a family-sized hatchback and had plenty of product to cover the car.


Once applied to the paintwork, you don’t let the product dwell. As soon as you’ve covered the whole car, start where you began and begin to blast off the Magiseal. You don’t need to leave the product on the car for long!

When you pressure wash it off you can see it starting to grab onto the paint, which is purely an observation and isn’t a detriment to the product. It shows that it’s actually bonding with the paint, unlike some products which you just seem to spray on then spray off without really seeing any proof that it’s achieved something!

As soon as the product is cleared from the paintwork the hydrophobic properties are immediately apparent. Water is completely dispersed from the paintwork making the drying process effortless, and giving you confidence that you’ve successfully protected the car!

Additional Thoughts

It’s important to consider that this is not a product you’ll be applying during every wash. Magiseal is by no means a cheap product, and at 100ml per application, the 500ml bottle will get you five applications. At 2 months of protection per application, topped up with the more durable Ultra Spray Wax and maintained with the Ceramic Infused shampoo, you should only really need to apply this stuff a few times a year.

For all-year-round ceramic protection, it’s actually very reasonable!

Ceramic Ultra Spray Wax Review

Autobrite Direct’s Ceramic Ultra Spray Wax is a ceramic-hybrid Si02 spray wax, promising easy application and high durability. It’s extremely versatile and can be used on all paint types, exterior plastic trim & rubber surfaces. This makes it a great alternative to products like Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax.

Using Ultra Spray Wax

The Spray Wax is extremely easy to apply, with clear instructions on the bottle. It’s so easy to apply that you forget it’s a ceramic-based product!

More detailed instructions can be found on the website/bottle, but you essentially lightly mist the applicator pad and lightly mist the panel before spreading the product in criss-cross patterns. You continue doing this until the product starts to evaporate (disappear).

TIP: A little really does go a long way with this product. Once you’ve used the pad on a few panels it will have soaked up more product than when you started. If you’re finding the wax is becoming thicker/harder to buff off then reduce the amount you’re using on subsequent panels.

This product shouldn’t be left to cure and should be buffed off immediately – meaning you can work very quickly around the car. It’s often the case that ceramic waxes are difficult to buff off, but this is not the case with Ultra Spray Wax.

It was very easy to buff off, producing a perfect, slick & slippery finish on the paint! I used Autobrite’s The Guv’nor edgeless, plush buffing towel for this and it worked a treat.


I tested the product in two different situations:

Test ATest B
Ultra Spray Wax applied after a thorough maintenance wash + Magiseal – to a silver car.Ultra Spray Wax applied after a full detail and machine polish – to a black car.

On both applications, the Ultra Spray Wax produced a deep and glossy shine on the paintwork – which is especially impressive on the silver car as this is a colour which struggles with eye-popping shine.

The black car took really well to the product, producing a mirror-like finish across the paint. It’s clear that the ceramic properties did a great job of smoothing out any imperfections in the paint.

Autobrite says that two layers of this Ultra Spray Wax will offer 3 – 5 months protection. This figure can probably be boosted when layered over Magiseal and maintained with the Ceramic Infused Shampoo.

I’m looking forward to seeing the durability of this product over the next few months and will keep this page updated with my findings. Based on the mesmerising water-behavior of both Ultra Spray Wax and Magiseal I am positive about the durability of both products.

Additional Thoughts

Ultra Spray Wax has a refreshing minty aroma, much like toothpaste. It’s noticeable but not overpowering, and is actually very pleasant. It’s good that Autobrite has stepped away from the fruity smells that most manufacturers go for. Whilst smell has no effect on the final result, it’s still an important aspect of any car cleaning product.

This Autobrite Chemical Resistant Trigger can be tricky to dial in to produce a fine mist. The sprayer often produced more of a sneeze than a fine mist, causing an uneven application on the panel. I would have preferred to see a sprayer that you don’t need to adjust. One that will consistently produce the mist needed when applying this product.

Ultra Spray Wax Applicator Review

As the name suggests, this microfibre applicator pad is designed to be used with the Ceramic Ultra Spray Wax. Despite it being relatively inexpensive, I would expect a few people to be skeptical about the need for a separate applicator pad when they could just use their own – but please hold that thought and read on!

Using Ultra Spray Wax Applicator

This is microfibre applicator is a high-quality foam block surrounded by microfibre material. The microfibre itself is extremely soft to touch, with discrete seaming so it’ll be gentle on the paint upon application.

After using the Ultra Spray Wax Microfibre Applicator with the Spray Wax it soon became apparent as to why Autobrite have produced this extra product. The pad is larger than your average applicator pad, and after a few light sprays of Ultra Spray Wax, it allows for a very effective application of the product.

An even application of any ceramic-based product is essential because streaking will not only ruin the finish but can also be tricky to remove once the ceramic cures. I did not have any issues with streaking when using the Ultra Spray Wax Applicator pad.

The square shape makes it super simple to apply the Spray Wax in the criss-cross pattern outlined in the instructions – ensuring that you don’t miss any sections.

I would strongly recommend using this applicator pad alongside the Ultra Spray Wax – especially if you’re new to applying this kind of product.

Additional Thoughts

A little tip from myself would be to purchase a ‘back-up’ pad. If you drop the pad on the floor it shouldn’t be used on the paint again until it’s been completely washed. By having a fresh pad at the ready you won’t leave yourself stranded.

Ceramic Infused Shampoo Review

Autobrite’s Ceramic Infused Shampoo is a Si02 infused shampoo. It’s a dark blue shampoo with a fairly thick consistency and a fruity Jelly Bean aroma. The looks and feel of the product shout high-quality, and it possesses all of the characteristics of a premium shampoo!

Using Ceramic Infused Shampoo

It blows my mind that ceramics are now being introduced to the wash process. This is certainly a shampoo with protection in-mind!

Ceramic Infused Shampoo should be used to maintain and top up protection on cars that have received Magiseal and Ultra Spray Wax treatment.

Equally, it can be used to add some ceramic protection to an otherwise unprotected car.

The main feature is the Si02 properties, designed to complement the other products in the Ceramic Shield range. Once you’ve applied the Magiseal & Ultra Spray Wax, the shampoo should be used in subsequent washes to maintain existing protection. It does this by gently removing contamination and topping up the ceramic protection on the paintwork.

For use on cars with little to protection, Autobrite recommended a direct mitt application. This means applying the product directly to a clean, wet wash mitt before working into the surface of the paint. As you’re using a higher concentration of the product by not diluting it in a bucket of water you’re going to increase the protection on the paint.

This is a shampoo that focusses on protection, so don’t expect to see lots of foamy suds. Despite the lack of suds, the shampoo still feels slick against the paintwork, offering a convincing amount of lubrication to ensure that contamination is safely removed from the surface of the paint.

This is not a shampoo you’d want to use for a deep clean or removal of heavy contamination – it simply does not offer the bite that a dedicated cleaning shampoo does. However, it does serve as a great shampoo for regular maintenance washes on a well-kept vehicle.

The Verdict on Ceramic Shield

Years ago, if you wanted a ceramic coating on your car, you’d probably have to leave it with a professional detailer. They’d have it for a few days whilst it’s polished, coated and cured.

More recently, ceramics have gained momentum within the car detailing community. Manufacturers have looked for ways to make car ceramics accessible to the many, not just the professionals. Even so, a typical ceramic is pricey, tricky to apply, and often needs indoor space to cure. This is simply not feasible for most people.

Ceramic Shield is perfect for those looking for something that can be applied to their car on a driveway, or when they’ve got some spare time at the weekend – whilst still benefitting from ceramic protection.

Based on my usage of the product I’d highly recommended all of the products. They can be purchased separately from one another, but it’s evident that they’ve been designed to work together.

This isn’t just a new collection of ceramic car care products, it’s a new process.