Alchemy Suga Coat Quick Detailer Review

Alchemy is UK based brand offering a wide range of detailing products, including the Alchemy Suga Coat Quick Detailer. Described as a “revolutionary high gloss quick detailer”, this was an appealing choice amongst other quick detailers. I stumbled across the product when searching for a high gloss/deep shine quick detailer that would work well on dark, metallic paintwork. Now, let’s get into the review!

In-depth Review

Like with most quick detailers, I introduced Suga Coat to the wash process straight after rinsing the car with water following a soapy contact wash. I applied Suga Coat by misting each panel with a few light sprays, followed by an immediate wipe down with a plush drying towel until the paint was clear of excess product and water.  I found that a light mist was sufficient per panel, and never felt the need to over-apply as the glossy finish was evident after the first pass. 

Suga Coat left no sign of streaking, even when used on black paint – which can often be more streak-prone. The finish offered a deep wet look that really showcased the contours of the vehicles bodywork. 

suga coat quick detailer spray best glossy finish for blue cars

Suga Coat is very easy to apply, which is refreshing, as some quick detailers can be quite temperamental. Suga Coat offers a convincing amount of lubrication which makes using it whilst drying the car very effective. It allows you to achieve a great finish as well as offering protection whilst drying the car – great for avoiding pesky swirl marks.


During the review, I did not over apply the product, so I was intrigued as to what protection it would offer. In the week after using the product on my own vehicle we received torrential rain for a few days straight. After several commutes, the panels continued to disperse water and road grime – the hydrophobic properties were very impressive. 

suga coat quick detailer spray best for beading

Quality Packaging

My first impression of Alchemy Suga Coat was that the design and feel of the bottle screamed premium! The bottle has a minimalistic design contrasted against a clinically white plastic. It is clear from the feel of the bottle that Alchemy hasn’t cut costs with cheap plastics or labels. 


With a product named “Suga Coat” you’re going to expect it to smell great, but quick detailer really does smell incredible! Although the smell offers no benefit to the overall finish of the car, it definitely benefits the actual experience.

We’ve all used those horrendous smelling products that you have to turn your head away whilst using – it’s unpleasant! Hence why I’ve made a point to mention that fantastic smell of this product. 


To follow on from my previous point, if you over apply Suga Coat, it will make things a lot more difficult. I noticed that any overspray or accumulation of this product if left unattended, will spot & dry onto the car. The same can be said for a lot of quick detailers so it is by no means a detriment to this product – it’s just something to watch out for.

The Verdict

suga coat quick detailer spray best glossy finish for black cars

Overall this is a very strong quick detailer and is perfect for dark or metallic paintwork. Alchemy Suga Coat is a quick detailer that allows for easy application whilst producing a deep finish. It gets people scratching their heads as they wonder how you achieved such a shine with a quick maintenance wash. 

I would highly recommend this product.